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Watch Under the Dome – Reconciliation Online Stream

Under the Dome - Reconciliation

Julia takes over as the leader of Chester’s Mill after the town becomes divided in the wake of Big Jim and Rebecca’s plans for population control. Meanwhile, Joe and Norrie help Melanie search for more clues about her identity at the Dome wall.

Watch Under the Dome S2E5 Online

Under the Dome S2E5: Reconciliation
Airs 10:00 PM on CBS


Watch Online The Fosters – The Longest Day

The Fosters - The Longest Day

Lena supports Brandon as he unloads a long-held secret that could tear his family apart. Callie brings Jude for a visit with the Quinn family in the hopes that Jude will no longer feel so threatened by this other side of Callie’s life. Meanwhile, Jesus is torn between feelings of guilt over his failed relationship with Emma and pressure to prove his loyalty to Hayley. Mariana’s dance team prepares for an upcoming competition, and her insecurities threaten to get the best of her.

S2E7: The Longest Day
Watch The Fosters Online

The Fosters S2E7: The Longest Day
Airs 9:00 PM on ABC Family


Botched: Boob Freak! Season 1 Episode 6

Botched - Boob Freak!

A personal trainer decides to take some extreme measures to get rid pf a head scar, whilst a cancer survivor wants her botched reconstructive breasts to look normal again.

S1E6: Boob Freak!
Watch Botched Online

Botched S1E6: Boob Freak!
Airs 9:00 PM on E!


S4E6: Cutthroat Kitchen – I Like My Peppers Pulverized Full Episode

Cutthroat Kitchen - I Like My Peppers Pulverized

A cigar cutter is used on a cubano; the chefs are stuffed like peppers into a confined workspace; tiramisu.

Watch Cutthroat Kitchen S4E6 Online

Cutthroat Kitchen S4E6: I Like My Peppers Pulverized
Airs 10:00 PM on Food Network


Watch Rising Star Online: Duels #3 Season 1 Episode 6

Rising Star - Duels #3

The final week of 3 weeks of Duels continues tonight with the winners moving on in the competition.

S1E6: Duels #3
Watch Rising Star Online

Rising Star S1E6: Duels #3
Airs 9:00 PM on ABC


Watch Guy’s Grocery Games – Around the World in Three Carts Online

Guy's Grocery Games - Around the World in Three Carts

In game one, we take a trip around the world as the chefs create an international dish using only items found in the Clearance Carts. Next, the chefs set out to make a delicious dessert until Guy surprises them with a savory Red Light Special. In the final game, the chefs try to make their best dish in the letter-limiting challenge, ABC: Whichever one of these chefs uses their spelling and culinary skills the best will go on to play for $ 20,000 in the Shopping Spree.

Guy’s Grocery Games: Around the World in Three Carts Online Stream

Guy’s Grocery Games S2E12: Around the World in Three Carts
Airs 8:00 PM on Food Network


S5E9: Sister Wives – Tell All Online Stream

Sister Wives - Tell All

No topic is off limits as Kody and his wives tackle all of the tough and uncomfortable questions about the season. The older kids enter the mix to reveal a new interest in Logan’s life, as the youngest kids open up about their TV lives for the first time.

S5E9: Tell All
Watch Sister Wives Online

Sister Wives S5E9: Tell All
Airs 9:00 PM on TLC


S1E3: Game of Crowns – Apple Trees Don’t Grow Pears Online Stream

Game of Crowns - Apple Trees Don't Grow Pears

Lynne, Shelley and Susanna recount the drama at Mrs. America, including the alleged violent threat made toward Lynne-that no one else heard. After talking to Vanassa, Leha confronts Susanna about the abuse accusations made about her husband. Lynne and Leha have a sit-down that may end their friendship forever.

Game of Crowns: Apple Trees Don’t Grow Pears Online Stream

Game of Crowns S1E3: Apple Trees Don’t Grow Pears
Airs 9:00 PM on Bravo


Naked and Afraid S3E6: Argentina Impossible Online

Naked and Afraid - Argentina Impossible

A survival instructor and a pediatrician brave storms, cold and hunger in Argentina’s Yungas Cloud Forest.

Naked and Afraid: Argentina Impossible Online Stream

Naked and Afraid S3E6: Argentina Impossible
Airs 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel


Watch Sensitive Skin Online: The Old Woman Season 1 Episode 2

Sensitive Skin - The Old Woman

Davina and Al bump into some old friends and are reminded by their pasts. Davina’s comatose mother visits.

Watch Sensitive Skin S1E2 Online

Sensitive Skin S1E2: The Old Woman
Airs 8:00 PM on HBO (CA)


Halt and Catch Fire: Up Helly Aa Season 1 Episode 9

Halt and Catch Fire - Up Helly Aa

Some unforeseen opponents and new complications could upset Cardiff Electric team’s work at COMDEX.

Watch Halt and Catch Fire S1E9 Online

Halt and Catch Fire S1E9: Up Helly Aa
Airs 10:00 PM on AMC


Watch Reckless (US) – Bloodstone Online Stream

Reckless (US) - Bloodstone

Jamie needs Roy’s help after she works to clear the name of a pro bono client who has been wrongfully accused of murder. Knox has to deal with a moral dilemma.

Watch Reckless (US) S1E5 Online

Reckless (US) S1E5: Bloodstone
Airs 9:00 PM on CBS


Watch Online The Lottery – Rules of the Game

The Lottery - Rules of the Game

Alison has to deal with the aftermath of her actions. Vanessa, Darius and the president’s advisors talk about the next steps of the lottery. Kyle and Elvis want refuge with an old friend.

S1E2: Rules of the Game
Watch The Lottery Online

The Lottery S1E2: Rules of the Game
Airs 10:00 PM on Lifetime


Watch The Last Ship – Lockdown Online Stream

The Last Ship - Lockdown

A mysterious illness causes panic to spread through the ship.

S1E6: Lockdown
Watch The Last Ship Online

The Last Ship S1E6: Lockdown
Airs 9:00 PM on TNT


Dominion S1E5: Something Borrowed Online

Dominion - Something Borrowed

Alex begins training with Michael, but a vision causes him to go rogue; Claire takes risks to protect Riesen; David makes moves to secure his power.

Dominion: Something Borrowed Online Stream

Dominion S1E5: Something Borrowed
Airs 9:00 PM on Syfy